What we do


We’ve developed a new type of gym that integrates numerous modes of training in an incredibly friendly, open-plan layout. Divided into specialised zones for Cardio, Free weights, Pin-loaded machines and Circuit apparatus for beginners, we’ve got an amazing range, and quantity, of equipment – so you’ll never have to wait.

Or, if functional training is more your thing, you’ll love our SYNRGY360 and HIIT N Run workout zone, which is essentially a fun playground to workout in.

With so much choice, it’s easy to keep your workouts interesting and fresh.



Our huge timetable of classes has something for everyone, from Circuit, Cycle and Combat, to Seniors, Step and SRC HIIT!



When you have a strength, fitness, health or body shape goal, the undivided attention of a Personal Trainer will help you achieve it faster.


Our trainer-led sessions offer the benefits of Personal Training expertise coupled with the fun and motivation of working out in a team.



Exercise safely in our spacious training area, with a vast array of Free weights & machines, as well as Cardio, Circuit & Functional training zones.




Virtual Cycle runs in our cycle room with a large projector screen. Classes run at different lengths, but are suitable for all fitness levels as you can control how hard you make the dial. We have over 450 virtual group fitness classes in our group fitness room including Reformer class. Both studios are available 24/7


Cycle classes with instructors are taught with many different journeys as each instructor is different and creates a different journey via their own music selections.


Sprint is a 30minute high intensity interval cycle class by Les Mills, members love how quick the class goes!

steel training

A group fitness class with a barbell and weights. Very similar to pump classes. Suitable for beginners and no-coordination is required. Each muscle group is worked three times, progressive loads adding weights!

steel TONIC

Don’t like to jump around on the step? Tonic uses the step lid with no bricks – you work your right side with simple non-complex routines then work your left side. A great leg and butt workout. Suitable for beginners.

mel's mash up

Every class is different – you might experience freestyle step, aerobics, toning, barbell, HIIT or Combat – everything is possible in this class. Work at a level you're comfortable with, lots of easy options.


Punch, jab, kick your way through a fun class where co-ordination is not required!

Senior Rockers

Gentle exercise for anybody returning to fitness.

Tummy hips high

A great all over body workout with low impact moves, suitable for beginners. Tone work, Aerobics and Step.

hnr box

Our HNR boxing circuit is heaps of fun! You get to workout on the Boxmasters just like Hugh Jackman! Please bring gloves.

freestyle step

The instructor creates their own routine on the step using cardio moves. A great workout for the legs. Can have complex choreography. This class is a great way to challenge your brain! Never easy the first time, but lots of fun.

Group Fitness Circuit

HIIT GX iThe class is run in the group fitness room and also includes our MYZONE heart rate system. Ropes, kettle bells and much more.

Reformer Circuit

Using Reformers, Pilates Mats and Ballet Barres, you will work out in a circuit-style class using all the above tools focusing on body strength and core.

HNR Cardio

We have a brand new HNR functional studio that you can use for classes or 24/7 use. To fully appreciate our new zone drop into the club for a tour. HNR does not cost extra it has all the latest equipment, boxing, water rowers, CrossFit platforms, cross trainers, ropes and much more.


Endurance-based class with weights and a barbell; each song goes for five minutes working individual muscle groups focusing on endurance and toning.

Wellness Warriors

Low impact class designed to improve strength and flexibility. Utilising interval format based on yoga and pilates compound move, finishing with meditation, bring a mat and towel.


Booty bands, glutes, no cardio, pilates moves the lates program from Les Mills All over body toning workout!

Strength Development

If you want to get stronger but don’t want the pressure of coordination to music this is the class for you - work at your own pace and select your own weights. Our trainers coach you to getting stronger every day!

Kids Fitness

Kids Fitness is offered to our members free!

Zumba and Dance

Move the hips, smile and have a heap of fun!

Our exclusive HNR Functional Studio runs various HNR classes, including Boxing, Strength and Cardio. The studio is also available for Personal Training and Private Group Bookings.